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Comedy Clown Show

Let Marko & Tommy Bungle the Clown entertain you, with a 30 - 45 minute Comedy Clown Show, including Magic,  Circus Skills, Puppets & lots lots more....



Mr Bungle's Puppet Theatre

Puppet's are great fun, and with our Puppet Theatre a fantastic show is always delivered. With the old favorite 'Punch & Judy' with a little bit of a twist where Mr Punch is turned into a nice guy! also inspirational Puppet show's are available, which are great for Schools to help teach children about Healthy Eating....



Walkabout at your Event

In between the show's Marko & Tommy can wander around your event promoting the Comedy Clown Show, interacting with the public with Magic & Circus Skills, causing havoc where ever they go, and look out for a few special guests on there travels.

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